The Go-Lab Initiative has officially finished in June 2023. The Go-Lab Sharing and Support platform ( is now maintained as the Go-Lab Showcase platform, demonstrating Go-Lab's activities and achievements in the past ten years. This means that the content of this website can be used for your information only. It is no longer possible to create and publish Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) on this website. However, it is still possible to find online labs and inquiry apps and access them on the providers' websites.

If you are interested in creating and using ILSs in your classroom, please refer to the new Authoring Platform Graasp ( It is still possible to migrate your previously created ILSs from the old to the new one (learn here how to save your work).

ένα μικρό σενάριο για την πυκνότητα
Dieses ILS wurde für Schüler in der Grundschule entwickelt, die Schwierigkeiten…
In this part of the MRE scenario, students create solutions that when mixed,…
Õpilased töötavad koos, kasutades koostööl põhineva nukumaja elektri…